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Central California Claus Ambassadors

Standard CCCA Logo


Logo w/ shadow and name



Shortly after the initial meeting in June 2008, Santa Barry Walzberg coined the name of “Central California Claus Ambassadors.” In early 2009, Santa Barry created the Standard Logo still in use today.

It is two red letter “C”s, one nested in the other with the bottom edge of each letter extending horizontally to the right side of the logo.

Nested within these letters are a connected “CA” with the color of it's body alternatively stripped red and white.

Abutting the letters and atop the horizontal extensions of the double “C”s, is a silhouette of the State of California in green. Within the state's outline is a yellow four pointed “Christmas” star approximately centered over the location of Fresno, California.

Among the variations of this logo, it may include having some or all of the elements including some or all of the text “Central California Claus Ambassadors.” This may also include a shadow effect to one or all of it's elements.



The Claus Ambassadors Crest


Crest w/ drapes


Crest Monochromatic


Of less prominence, yet very much still a part of the Central California Claus Ambassadors, is its Crest. This however could also be associated with Claus Ambassadors in general as apposed to just Central California.

The latest design of our Crest is a redesign done in 2020 from its original version created in 2008. The original version was similar and had basically the same elements but with some variations. (All versions were designed and created by Santa Barry.)

It is an armorial shield with a base color of red and a large white chevron extending down approximately two-thirds of the way from the top.

This red and white pattern is suggestive of what has become the classic Santa suit, red with a white fur collar.

Above the chevron is a green field with a yellow four pointed “Christmas” star centered within.

Green, the other color of Christmas, is the youthful, hopeful, abundant color of nature. It is the color of Christmas trees which, with their evergreen status, depicts everlasting hope and everlasting life. The Christmas star was a heavenly sign of promise from God and is ultimately the source of Christmas celebrations. It represents God’s love for mankind and fulfilling His promise.

The lower third of the shield is black, separated from the red body with a thin horizontal separating-stripe of yellow, with three yellow roundels equally spaced horizontally.

The black is reminiscent of Santa's belt and the binding together of all Claus Ambassadors into one over-arching cause of representing the Spirit of Christmas, The three roundels are the three gold balls (or coins, or bags of money, or simply dowries, as stories vary), representing Saint Nicholas and his legendary gift giving.

The crest may have diverse variations in presentation, adornments, or be monochromatic in style.


The Claus Ambassadors Flag

Claus Ambassador Flag

Claus Ambassadors Flying Flag


The Claus Ambassadors Flag is basically a slight alteration of the Crest to fit a flag format. Usually seen in a standard rectangular flag shape, it can also be square shaped as is deemed appropriate.


 Claus Ambassadors Flying Flag

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